Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moving back to Boston today. I am excited to settle in the apartment again. Last night I went to the bars in was pretty much a high school reunion. Hilarious who you start talking to- people who you saw everyday in school and never said a word to, now you seem to have everything in common with..
As I am sitting here in my empty room, every car that drives by, beeps. and I hear these little beeps all day. My dad has quite the reputation here on Westmoreland road as he has been outside all summer painting and working on the house. I'm sure he has talked to every one of our neighbors at some point, explaining the work he is doing, describing his next handy feat. And these people- these "beepers" have watched his progress-the transformations from a gray, chipped- porch house to a beautiful and lovely creamy yellow house with a sea blue porch. From the unfinished barn-to a beautiful newly painted barn with Gropius gray windows. And now, they all beep when they drive by. haha I find it very amusing. I haven't met half these people, but I love that they beep for my dad...and for my house.