Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alien Invasion in Boston!

Did anyone else think we were being invaded by aliens a couple nights ago in Boston? I swear to god, ufo's were descending on our little city. I was walking through the Financial district, back from the waterfront with a friend when all of a sudden, a noise...way too similar to that of the sound effects in a multi-level computer game...encroached upon us from above. At first, I considered some sort of news helicopter. Then it came a second time and I thought it was a really BIG news story. Then it came again. and again. and again. At this point, people were huddled in crowds on street corners looking up at these steel, insect-looking motherships that were verrryyy slowly hovering directly above. What made things more dramatic- was the fact that we were standing ***smack -dab at the ground of Boston's most concentrated center of sky scrapers. So these alien jets appeared to literally be weaving in and out of John Hancock, State Street and the Prudential center.

Eventually by the time we got to Park Street, the aliens had finished their descent. No more noises were heard. The next day, I found out that aliens HAD NOT invaded Boston. It was a boring military test. (loud snore). I was mildly upset, as I was hoping tell my kids at school about my alien adventures. Coincidentally, this week at Build-It-Yourself, Marshall-my co-worker and I are teaching a workshop on how to design animated alien creatures and cartoon characters. Our mission this past week was to "Design digital artifacts that will make aliens want to be friends with our world". I have included a collection of the kids' work. I am really proud of what they came up with. And so after my alien encounter a few nights ago, I am CONVINCED that their artifacts have successfully attracted Aliens from the outside. Good Job kids...A++ for everyone.

***Where the hell did the expression "Smack-Dab" come from??