Thursday, January 27, 2011

Johnny ate my phone

Ugh. About three hours ago, I dropped my phone in the toilet. I had neglected to take it out of my back pants pocket, and out it slipped into the watery depths of my john. Damnit. I realize I probably kept it in there a smidgeon too long as I decided whether or not to sink my hand into my toilet bowl. But, dear god! What was I thinking?! Each second that I waited, 5 of my contacts were being washed away into oblivion! So I snatched it out, yelping and screaming. (who knew this was so scary?) And now, it sits on the top of my refrigerator- like an old man lounging by the side of a pool after a midday swim. Each time I try to turn it on, the screen turns white and the battery symbol gyrates and blinks. So now I have no phone because it inappropriately decided to take a dip. Water damage is the worst. Sprint Insurance doesnt cover it and theres absolutely no way to fix a water-damaged device. And now my toilet looks like a giant happy face, satisfied after a filling dinner of Phone. Keep smiling johnny, I know who'll be smiling next time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Regresando al Espanol

Hace mucho tiempo hasta que he escrito en espanol. Y DIGO- echo de menos!! pero mas- echo de menos hablando en espanol! Un amigo de yo-Antonio, que conoci en Granada-el estuvo en Boston trabajando por algunos meses. Durante este tiempo nosotros salimos y practicamos el espanol. El me corregio, el me forzo de explicar cosas complicadas, el fue mi profesor Granadin en Boston. y todo fue fantastico! Pero ahora que no tengo mi profesor Antonio, es dificil encontrar personas con quien puedo practicar el Espanol...y mejor, el Espanol de Espana. Lo que quiero de verdad- es para vivir otra vez en Espana. Especialmente en estas dias- estas dias FRRIIIAAS (como negativo 20 grados!) yo pienso en el sol de Granada, las noches calientes de que camine por las calles y vi la Alhambra subiendo en la distancia. Estas dias frias pienso en la ciudad Magica, en las dias de belleza pura. Y yo se que regesare algun dia. Yo se que la belleza de Espana regresara a mi pronto. Y va a calentarme otra vez.
Pues, No hay nada que hacer -parece que necesito hacer amigos con el frio. Quizas es un amigo en que nunca pensaba. Entonces, aunque cuando camino afuera, me siento que mis ojos se van a caer de mi cara, y que mi pelo mira como hiel- colgando de mi cabeza--esta bien porque me acuerdo las cosas buenas, pienso en la primavera...que viene pronto y que vive anxiosa abajo del monton de nieve.

Its been so much time since I have written in Spanish...not to mention spoken Spanish and I tell you--I miss it so so much! My friend, Antonio, who I met when I was studying in Granada- he was living in Cambridge for a few months last year. During that time, he and I would meet for coffee and have wonderful Spanish conversations together- I was able to practice my Spanish with him and he would correct me as well as force me to explain complicated things to him. He was my Granadian Professor here at home and now that he has gone, I miss those sessions. I also miss hearing the Spanish accent that warms my heart and reminds me of being in Spain. What I really want to do is to live again in Spain and to speak lovely Spanish all of the time. Especially during these cold cold days of January, when mornings fall to negative 20 degrees, I find myself often missing the warmth and beauty of Spain and of Granada. I think about the hot nights walking through the streets and peering up at the Alhambra, towering above me. These cold days I find myself thinking of the magic of the city Granada and the pure beauty and freedom of the things I saw and felt. I know I will return soon.
Until then, theres nothing I can do, except to make friends with the cold and to embrace this Winter. So, although I walk out of my apartment every day and feel as if my eyes are going to fall off my face, and although my hair looks like ice sticks protruding from my head-- It is ok because I remember good things-warm things. I think of Spring, which lives right below the piles of snow and is ready to return and warm the earth.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Years!! I know Im late, but my new year has gotten off to a slow start. My New Years 2011 was spent at Cambridge Common in Porter Square. Eight of us squeezed into a cozy little booth next the window, from which we watched scantily dressed girls throw up their liquor in piles of dirty snow outside. And then at 12:00 we all joined with the rest of the room to ring in the new year while balls dropped and so did our arms- as we kissed and hugged everyone. Amidst the dropping balls and the sequined dresses...i realized one important thing: We all have new years resolutions and goals. Each one of us- whether we think consciously about it or not- have things that we want and need to do next. Tomorrow? NExt week? Next year? Perhaps right now. And so I took advantage of this monumental holiday and I traveled around to all of the tables in the room, collecting everyone's goals and resolutions. Enjoy- and may they inspire you to think about what your next important step is.

Happy New Year