Thursday, May 24, 2012

New work

Dance how thy will until thy will is emblazoned into the ground.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wood Brothers at The Paradise

On Saturday I was handed a ticket to see the Wood Brothers at the Paradise...10 minutes before they went on stage. I was at a barbeque and had left a conversation mid-sentence to say goodbye to a friend when he handed me a ticket and said..."Wood brothers--theres a cab waiting out front. Get in now, or don't come." So I did. I ran.. (a solo cup of beer still in my right hand) and hopped in the cab with the others. We arrived just in time for the show to start. And as Oliver, the lead vocalist, began to sing and the trio began playing their bluesy, southern tunes, their strong voices filled the concert hall with such amazing force. It occurred to me at that moment, that Sometimes you have to let life take you, rather than take on your life all the time. I could have stayed with my friends a the barbeque, eaten some burgers and lived out the night like I had envisioned it to go...instead I was in another part of town with a whole new group of people enjoying amazing music on a beautiful night. Please take a look this video of The Wood Brothers. Recorded and produced by Mason Jar Music, an awesome audio visual/production company in Brooklyn NY.

What a peach

I overhear many peoples conversations while at work. Funny things, sad, smart, dumb, awkward...and sweet. Like this one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Airport sketches dusted off

I dusted off some sketches from my sketchbook that I came across. Its been about three weeks now since I've returned from Switzerland. Surprisingly I slipped right back into my life here...except Ive noticed a seriousness about my work and my career. Now more than ever, it is important for me to find work that I love. I was just accepted as an intern at the Boston Center for the Arts, where I will be doing their graphic design for events, publications etc. Very excited to be at the BCA in the South End. More on that later. For now, these were some of my last sketches from my European journey..only on the American side. I had a three hour layover in New York and having slept on the plane, I found myself perky and bubbly and eager to draw everyone. Here are some of the people I captured at the JFK airport.