Monday, November 23, 2009

It has been sooo long! I have not been blogually active these past months because of school, and feeling unable to record my hectic life. BUT...I have just made an online portfolio where I am showcasing some of my work! CHECK IT OUT!!

The fall semester is coming to a quick end and I have been kind of going out of my mind with projects and homework etc.Not kind of---really out of my mind. More deets later. Thanksgiving is next week! A week ago I couldn't even think about taking the time away from my work for thanksgiving- which is a ridiculous thought. However, I have finally calmed down a bit and have found it in myself to really look forward to the holiday with my it should be.
I had a gathering last night at the apartment with some school peeps. I made homemade pizzas (chicken pesto onion tomato, basil, brocoli and olive,broc, onion, tomato) with a walnut mixed greens and gorgonzola salad. Fun was had by all and it was a small but delightful palooza.
Alex went home for Thanksgiving already. I already miss him
OK, off to journalism class! DONT FORGET MY PORTFOLIO! :)