Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello! Greetings to everyone! I have returned home to the US. Its strange to be home; but surprisingly, I had absolutely no problem adjusting to the time difference; other than the fact that I go to bed at 9 and wake up at 6am. Oh well, Ive been jumping right out of bed and getting a lot of my own work done, which is good. I am home at my parents house in New Hampshire until I move back to Boston in a couple of days. Its lovely to be back; yesterday my parents hosted a little birthday/welcome home dinner at my house. We laughed a lot, ate a ton and I recalled stories from my trip. Today my brother is forcing me to go for a motorcyle ride. And although I have tons of work to do, I will go with him, as it is a perfectly sunny day in new hammpshaaa...and what better way to spend it than
whipping through spofford's back roads clutching my brothers back, screaming. I have completed this illustration since being back, the image came to me in my sleep my first night back home. Boy do I miss the Swiss landscape. Its great to be home and Im excited for my next adventures. -El