Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun in my room

I was in my room when all of a sudden I see this little spider floating in mid-air. It really looked like it was climbing and falling in as it climbs to the top of the Empire State Building..

Island Time- Martha's Vineyard

I went to Martha's Vineyard over the weekend, and stayed at Bianca's pond house in Aquinnah. Brian, Bianca and I took the Ferry and then biked a beautiful 15 mile ride up-island to Menemsha, where we hopped on a cute bike ferry- which ended up not being so cute because it cost $5 bucks and we literally rowed 1 minute across the water and he let us off. haha the Ferry Man named his boat "gimme 5". We might have just as well swam across with our bikes on our heads..but nonetheless, "Gimme 5" got us to where we needed to go. We continued on to Bianca's adorable pond house, which sits directly on a lilly pond with lilly pads and white blossoms floating all over it. Bianca has done such a nice job with the house--earlier on in the spring they came to scrub and clean all of the winter shmutz from the walls and ceilings. Now, its all painted freshly white, with blue sheer curtains and golden mirrors everywhere. At night the bullfrogs gulped us to sleep. We showered in the outdoor shower, we peed outdoors, I shared a small space with flying bugs of all sorts...and i couldnt care less. We met a bunch of Bianca's Vineyard friends who are staying at the beachhouse across the road. We spent two days lounging on the beach, watching the nude family frolick a mile down from us. Aquinnah is such a lovely place, not overrun by tourists and very quaint. The "town center" consists of a few trinket shops and The Aquinnah Shop, a restaurant that sits atop the famous cliffs where the legendary Moshup, the Wampanoag Leader once hunted whales from the sea. It is said that the red stain on the cliffs, is the whale blood/ink from when Moshup flung the whales against the cliffs to kill them.
The vacation was a perfect way to spend two gorgeous summer days. Now back in Boston, I find myself still on Island time...not wanting to rush, traces of the vineyard sun still cover my skin. ohhh how I wish I was still sitting on the beach with a beer and soft sand covering my toesies.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Authentic Counterfeit

Stumbled on this band while biking through Central Square. All walks of life were stopping to watch them--homeless men, rushed business women, school kids...and me. Someone stuffed a flier into my hand and turns out they were scheduled to play at Tommy Doyles in Harvard square later that week. Awesome, solid sound- they got jazz, soul, funk and the personalties to match. And I couldnt agree more with the woman next to me as you will hear... "they bring it up together, they put it right back down together." Hahaha. Introducing Authentic Counterfeit.