Monday, December 12, 2011

runner's hi

I bumped into a Santa 5K yesterday en route to work.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Its the holiday season and things are in full swing here in Cambridgio. Best part: Mariah is serenading me wherever I go. Plus, all floors of the restaurant are set to the same christmas station--so as I lug PBR from the basement all the way to to top floor, I feel like Im in really cheesy holiday music video.

This is how I know Christmas has arrived:

a. Today it took me 12 minutes to cross Mass ave while hoards of various shaped Santas and Elfs ran past me- all in a race towards the finish of the Cool Running 5K.

b. My local CVS looks like a florescent lit version of Santa's warehouse.

c. Santa has not texted me in weeks.

d. I just finished decorating my wreath with holly and cheer!

To Beau: Bianca's Seed Paper!

Hey all!

My roomate Bianca has been working furiously on producing mass quantities of seed paper, which she is selling today at Mass Market at Mass Art. Stop by 12-6 and you can see all of her seed designs...maybe even buy someone a gift for the holidays! Every day our living room as produced more and more of this stuff--recycled paper mixed with various seeds. She has cards, ornaments, gift tags etc. And when you give the gift of a seed card, the recipient can plant it in the ground and before you know it--flowers will blossom. How lovely. I especially love Bianca's stitched design cards. (MWAH), where she stitched little beaded notes into the paper. The idea is creative and her designs are delicate and beautiful. Check it out!