Friday, May 11, 2012

My last weekend, I went to Zurich. These are some things I saw: Call out to the awesome vintage posters hanging along the Limmat river- by Donald Brun, an amazing Swiss Designer and Illustrator/ Poster Artist.I love love love how he uses typography and image together; his compositions are so simple and sophisticated.
Hellooo! Its been a wee bit long since Ive written. Im back in Boston and it feels great. I love that summer is coming. I love being with good friends again. I love the fact that I can finally understand what people around me are saying. I miss the Swiss air, though. And other Swiss things, like the cheese for instance. So I have decided to start a series of colorful posters with images and scenes of places, people, things etc that I lived with and saw. Ultimately, when I finish each one, i feel like I am honoring a memory or a story from my time overseas. And that has been very special. I see this as an ongoing project and I hope you enjoy reliving my Swiss experience with me. This new one is from the Rhuylauf Half marathon that Bianca and I ran together in Ob
erriet, Switzerland. It was a gorgeous day, with gorgeous people and a good race. I've also started a Behance site, which serves as my online portfolio of my Graphic Design, Illustration, photography and more. Be sure to visit!