Monday, August 29, 2011

Pop-up Gymnastics Concert

Today I was walking down Magazine into central square; I had just come from from a meeting.. my mind was racing all over the place with anxiety about my day when all of a sudden two tiny voices popped over a garden fence. "Do you want to see a gymnastics concert?" I swiveled to my left, where two girls--probably 9 or 10 years old were jumping excitedly in their yard- bare foot and decked in floral summer shorts and pink tanks. "Yeah!" I said excitedly and surprised. They proceeded to hustle to the end of the yard and stood in ballet-like stances, preparing for their stage entrance. They giggled as they tried not to look at each other then with exaggerated and serious faces they nodded and began their routine. All of a sudden they were doing cartwheels, back turns, swivels, pivots and flips in front of my eyes, bending into synchronized bridges and crawling under each other. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at what I had just run into. My very own private gymnastics concert. It got me thinking of when I was younger and would choreograph dances with friends--we would set up the living room with a curtain and lights and perform similar concerts. We had so much fun!

These two friends had obviously spent all day creating and practicing their routine and they were having such careless and innocent fun. I was reminded of the unabashed energy of being young and how, as adults we can-at heart, enjoy being a child again. In fact, I might even say that as adults with more responsibilities- we MUST abandon our adult minds sometimes to once again love life like a child.

At the end of their stellar performance, the two girls bowed and smiled proudly at each other. I clapped and complimented their work. I gave them a dollar each to pursue their gymnastics careers. I was on my way to continue my days activities--only now my mind feels lighter and I have a delighted smile on my face.