Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Morning Walks

These days weve been walking to work in the morning, as the weather has been so sublime. It takes about an hour and is the prettiest walk ever. Today I spotted a true Swiss-uresque siting...a herd of sheep grazing on a grassy hill...neck bells jingling and all. And in Buhler we passed a peculiar line of laundry. I love our morning walks.

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

some recent drawings

Some drawings from train rides, town centers and train stations.

The Laughing Man

When we turned onto a road leading to St. Margarethen, I came upon this man..he was the only person visible amidst acres and acres of fields and land. He was bent down picking garlic cloves, and when he saw me taking his picture he threw his head back and let out a loud and belting laugh into the air.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bike trip to Lindau, Germany


Yesterday Kat, Bianca and I biked 25 miles to Lindau, Germany! It was SUCH an unforgettable trip! The weather couldnt have been better- about 65 degrees. We began in Alstaaten, which is about 3 miles from our home in Gais. We went with only scribbled down directions and our sense of adventure to guide us. We met all sorts of people along the way who pointed us in the right direction. Once we got to Breggenz, Austria, we followed a bike path all the way to Lindau. There were tons of bikers and people walking along the paths. Switzerland is known for their bike trails, which span accross the entire country! (If you wanted to you could bike all the way accross Switzerland and into other countries just on these trails.

Lindau was super charming and so nice to see in good weather. Immediately upon arrival we bought three gelato cones from a spanish-speaking german gelato man and began exploring. Lindau sits on the Eastern side of Lake Constance and is referred to as the Bodensee (its actually and island!). Yet another beautiful Medieval European city with quaint winding cobblestone roads and peach and mint colored buildings. No cars allowed. There were tons of shops the deeper you venture through the maze of side streets. We sat in the sun with coffee and observed life around particular, a girl with supernatural powers, two men playing accordian and violin, and various crowds of people dressed like they just finished a NASCAR derby. Its seemed everyone had biked to Lindau. We ate fish and chips and drank wine accross from the lake. The well known Lion statue and light house perched in front of us, facing out to the water, protecting Lindau. Here are some snapshots of the trip. Enjoy!