Sunday, August 23, 2009

Market time in Aix

Mount St. Victoire

One day in Aix, I hopped on a bus that went up to The mountain St. Victoire, a beautiful, majestic-looking peak, where Cezanne did his famous paintings of the mountain. These paintings, in which he worked to merge nature- what he saw with his eye, with an "order". He believed that nature had more of a durable structure, that much impressionism did not recognize. I sat up on the mountain and did a little of my own sketching. It was a beautiful day and there was no one around. Very relaxing. On the way back, I met a man from Poland who was traveling with his orchestra-based out of Warsaw. He plays the viola in the orchestra- Sinfonia Varsovia (check out the website on the right). We talked the whole bumpy, curvy ride down and when we returned to town I told him that I hope to see his orchestra in Boston some day. I think that would be such an amazing way to travel--moving from one city to the next, playing music in amazing venues all around the world.


Najim from Paris, who was visiting his family in Aix--needed to relax in the country.

Orange, mint and pistachio sherbet

and the adventure continues...

Hello all!
I am back in the United States, sitting at home in New Hampshire. I returned from my trip about 5 days ago. It is strange being home, and I often get nostalgic thinking of my adventures in Europe. However, I had such a positive experience, with so many awesome memories to take home with me--that it almost feels like I am still traveling. I LOVED greeting my parents at Logan airport! When I came walking out of my gate, they were there amongst all of the other anxious parents and loved ones. I ran up to them with all of my sacks and luggage and it felt soooo good to be with them again. After a while traveling on my own, I started to become more and more aware of the families around me. At times, I got sensitive to seeing families and friends together- a mother cleaning ice cream off of her messy daughter, a french family riding the train-the children singing and matching their tone to the sound of the train on the tracks, and both parents cracking up. Or a group of friends on the beach, eating and sharing familiar jokes. These things, I noticed while traveling alone, and they made me so happy to see and at the same time they made me long for those contacts again.
So I have returned home and am getting back into my routine here. Soon I will head back to Boston and begin school. I am excited for this school year and I cannot wait to see what types of ways my experiences traveling will come through in my art and my work. I have seen so much beauty and these places. I have seen so many things that have inspired me. Lets see where they take me.
I think I will continue to post about my trip, and revisit my adventures. I hope you all will continue to follow my blog, I want to keep sharing this with you.