Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teeny Tiny Show, Three Graces Gallery

I recently went to the opening of the Teeny Tiny Show at the Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Im proud to say, this was my first time showing my work in a show! I had eight illustrations of my characters in the show. The gallery looked great- a small space with old wooden floors and windows in the back that look out over the water. There were thirty artists displaying their work and all pieces had to be 10"x10" or smaller. There were illustrations, paintings, encaustic prints, photography, mini sculptures, jewelry etc. A few of my favorites were a photograph of tiny plastic people hiking through the greenery of a potted plant, also Ernie and Cassandra Valasco's clay sculpted characters. The tiny dolls- with faces filled with personality, had names like Thelma and Talbert and looked like they walked out of a childrens book. Amanda Atkins series of illustrated women are beautiful and seductive. Each woman, poised and primmed has a slogan written above their head, a lyric, if you will- that acts as a title for the piece, but also gives a little glimpse into the complex personality of each piece. The night was swell, with a walk around Market street. We ended at The Friendly Toast for a vintage-styled dinner, where I enjoyed the Caribbean Waffle with caramelized bananas....and then we wrestled our way up an icy sidewalk to the Mainly Gourmet Chocolate Factory, where we were greeted by a cute young woman who told us she was drunk off of one cocktail. She was jumping all around the shop, dropping boxes and making lively conversation. She then mistakenly charged Amanda 50.00 for a tiny box of truffles. All in all, we had a sweet little trip to New Hampshire- I had never been to Portsmouth, and loved it! I'll have to go back and explore in the daytime.