Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gais, my new home

I have arrived safe and sound to my new home! Bianca picked me up at he train station and showed me back to our home The Faulken in Gais. This town is absolutely picturesque and beautiful. Its been snowing hard ever since I arrived and the town is covered. (this is the most snow theyve had in a month since Bianca arrived). I brought me bags into my room, which looks out over a church, and I have a perfect view of it from my window. Its bells ring at times throughout the day and its always a lovely sound. With 9 franks I bout some pasta, an orange, apples, pita and some tomato sauce. I took a good 6 hour nap and got up, strapped on my boots and took a walk through town. It was getting dark and I could see families sitting down to eat dinner through their lit windows. There are all of these winding roads that take you every which way through the village. Everywhere I look there is another rising peak and flickering house lights. I strayed off to a path that took me to a farm and a big field. Two white rabbits were hopping around in the snow and I stopped to watch them for a while- they weren't afraid, as if putting on a show for me. There are little cheese shops and candle stores tucked into the sides of streets and I cant wait until daylight to explore this area some more. I arrived back to the Faulken and in front in the center of the village there were three ice sculptors chipping a way at a huge block of ice. One man spoke broken English and told me that they are sculpting two wheels? He said it was a recreation of an image found on a vase of grandmother's .I couldnt quite understand, but tomorrow I guess I will find out if they have completed their masterpiece.
I met the other interns and I am anxious to experience for myself what they tell me about. Now I will get some sleep and get up early to explore some more. I have the weekend to settle and than I start work on Monday!

Love from Gais,

Things I learn on a plane

Within 5 seconds of boarding my plane to Zurich, I found a man already passed out with a ziplock bag full of oatmeal cookies falling over his lap. My new travel sedative: lots of cookies.

As if someone's going to shove that back into their seat pocket.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Off to Switzerland!! Wish me luck as I begin this new adventure!

Bon Voyage!