Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home for the holidays. This year I didnt get to be home for Christmas Eve for our annual lobster extravaganza because I was working at Paper Source, selling last minute xmas gifts to lazy uncles, wives and children. But its ok, because I went to a Christmas Eve service at Emmanuel Church on Newbury street instead. Ever since i watched Home Alone for the first time when I was a wee tot, Ive wanted to go to a church on christmas eve to hear choirs sing christmas music, and see all of the families gathering for this special evening. While my family sat at dinner with friends, cracking lobsters and reciting full scenes from Seinfeld, I sat by myself at a thai restaurant called Pupu-thai...or something like that. With a glass of wine and huge plate of noodles in front of me, I sighed from a pang of loneliness. But In some ways, it felt refreshing to break my Christmas Eve tradition for once. I sat and ate, as couples and families gathered at tables around me. I had never been out on Christmas Eve! I was always with the lobsters! And so I arrived at Emmanuel Church, where I- for some reason felt the need to explain to the host that I was Jewish. He welcomed me and told me to find a seat in the pews. So I did and I watched families trickle into this vast space, with high vaulted ceilings and grand archways. Candles were being lit in front of me and the room was filling with people dressed in their best attire. Greetings. Kisses. Nods. Handshakes. Silence. Song. Suddenly a beautiful sound came rushing from behind me. A choir had begun to sing and were slowly making their way through the isle. It was as if someone had grabbed my heart and shook it a bit. The music was so chillingly beautiful and echoed so perfectly in the space. So I sat and closed my eyes to let this angelic and magical sound settle in my mind. What a wonderful change of pace this Christmas Eve. Sometimes its so worth it to shake things up a bit.