Sunday, March 27, 2011

Atwoods Tavern

Atwoods Tavern, Inman Square.
Two nights ago I came home after a long and stress-filled day of tracking wedding invitation orders and responding to customer calls about Strawberry A2 envelopes at Paper Source. I came home to my roommate, Brian- who I found plopped in the living room with the facial expression of someone who had also lived a stressful workday. For some reason all I could think of at that moment was how bad I wanted a big, juicy burger. I expressed my desire to Brian and his eyes lit up like a child looking at a huge candy mountain. While I changed out of my stale work clothes, Brain yelped** for the perfect burger joint. I returned to the living room. "Atwoods Tavern" said Brian. We slipped on our boots and winter jackets (yes, it is late March and outside it remains bitter cold. (how rude). We strolled through Cambridgeport and over to Inman Square. It did feel nice in the brisk air, especially knowing we would soon be gobbling burgers and slurping beer. Brian is convinced that its not worth eating anything that you don't work for. I agreed with his sentiment, we strolled through central square, excitedly awaiting our destination. As we got closer, the fattest rat ive ever seen waddled accross the sidewalk in front of us and my body lurched to a stop and I screamed. Rats are so disgusting. Especially that one...he looked like he had just eaten another rat he was so big. Or maybe it was pregnant with quintuplet rats. ugggh. Anyway, we arrived at Atwoods and the second we walked in, my night was complete. The pub is lined on the inside with wood panels. The bar is cozily lit, as well as the tables, scattered through the dining room. A small stage sits at the far end of the place, where more tables stand and the bar wraps around to both ends of the restaurant. They have tons of beers on tap including specialty rotating taps. I saw the BBC Steelrail (one of my favorite beers) and was so happy. Brian and I sat at a little table up front. The whole evening was delicious. I had the burger with blue cheese and fries and Brian had his with Bacon and Cheddar. Our waitress was very pleasant and gave solid service. There are some foods that just make you feel like the happiest person in the world. I must say, a burger and beer is one of those things for me. Brian and I chatted about his time living in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, while doing Habitat for Humanity. I love hearing Brian tell stories because he uses just the right words for everything. He described the culture down South in a way that was so tactile and alive - the music that seems to ooze from the streets, the tables of crawfish, the festivals and concerts...and it made me want to go there. A band had begun to play as we were leaving--a bluesy, rock group. We stepped out the door and I felt so refreshed and satisfied. I trekked home and went right to bed. I slept like a baby.
And so I recommend Atwoods Tavern in Inman Square: a cozy place, a perfect burger, a steelrail and a warm place on a freezing March night for good conversation.

**Yelp: Verb. (Etymological Origin: The act of searching on the website for restaurants or businesses, often reviewed by either really angry and pissed of customers, or those who love a place so much-they want to rave about it all over the internet..hence "yelp!"