Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stocking Stuffer

A pleasant Christmas this year. I worked Christmas Eve at Paper Source in Boston, and I watched all of the last minute shoppers gather their goods. Plastic christmas trees. pooping penguin candies. cheesy christmas cards. beautiful christmas cards. paper wreath making kits. Chartreuse placecards for holiday dinners. And as I observed these shoppers behavior intently and critically, like I often find myself doing, I imaged what types of celebrations they would be going home to, and the characters they would be dining with. But many times I dont even have to imagine them. They show up in my store.
I watched a family of what seemed like only children- come sprinting into the store like a gang of hyenas. A boy- atleast I think it was a boy.with long red hair .and his hoard of troublemaker friends literally ran in skidding circles through the store. Why does everyone at that age think they are so cool? He came running up to the counter, panting and out of breath. "wrapping paper" he wrestled to say through weezes of short, exhausted breath. I started at his little face and told him he had passed it three times. He turned without a "thank you" and ran due north to the paper. Jeez. As he left my sight, I turned to my co-worker "these little shits are so out of control". I looked to my left and his mother was right beside the counter testing pens from he display table, slowly looking up at me.

Insert Stocking In Mouth.