Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give me a break

Taking breaks to watch these really important videos is necessary for our well-being at the office. Here are a few videos that have been keeping us all giggling and oggling at the office lately.

Hey Gais


Life in Gais is moving along. Work has been tough lately, as the pace is very fast. I have assumed some responsibility for one of our big clients, SIGMA, a Life Sciences, analytical biology company (woohoo) and have been working on a trifold brochure for their products and services. This is my first time using strict style guides to design print materials, and its quite a process. The immense detail and attention that must be paid to alignment and consistency is challenging at first but really is a language that becomes easier to use with time. Kat and Bianca have been incredible resources and support for me as I adjust to the work and I thank them for that. For sure the experience so far has been challenging in different ways, but challenge means growth and growing rocks.

The weather was nice and springy for a few days and almost all the snow had melted...until today when it blizzarded all day. Peering out of the office windows, we felt like we were sitting in a snow globe. Hopefully soon spring will stay for good because the little taste we had was so nice and refreshing. Rachel, a new intern arrived on Monday. This weekend we all are going to Salzburg, Austria. We will stay in a hostel and explore Mozart's hometown!

Valerie left to go back to the States last week. One of her last nights we went to a concert at The Palace (quickly becoming one of my fave spots in St Galen (See sidebar on the right).
Real Estate
was the opening band (so good!) and
Shabbaz Palaces
was on the main stage. They were so great and we danced our Swiss pants off. Ive included video content for your viewing pleasure.

Looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend in Austria. Has anyone been to Salzburg? Any suggestions for things to do and see?

Ill post again soon,