Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in San Sebastian

Hello! Back in San Sebastian...a familiar place- finally. I was in Nice for a couple of days and wasn't too fond. Very big and too spread out. I like the smaller towns better, where I feel I can become part of the town instead of feeling like an outsider. It feels good to be back. Spent the day lying on "Concha" beach with the rest of the topless peeps soakin the rest of the rays and then did some shopping that I probably should'nt have...but I had fun. Staying again at Roger's House for the next two nights. Just cooked dinner and tonight there is an amazing fireworks show on the beach...I have come at the perfect time. It is the last two nights of "La Semana Grande", a week -long festival here in San Sebastian with music events, fireworks, etc etc. I am glad to be back here and relaxing in a familiar place after spending so much time in unfamiliar- and at times...uncomfortable places. Sunday I head back to Madrid and my flight is Monday!
PS..I keep saying "merci" and "oui" mind is still in France.
PPS..I can't wait to hug mom and dad
PMS..I am listening to Lauryn Hill in the kitchen
PPP: Thanks to a boy named Matthias from Marseille, I was able to get back to San Sebastian in an unstressful manner. He was so helpful at the train station and missed his train just so he could help me get on the train I needed. I am so thankful.
PMM: Maybe this is a generalization...but maybe it is true as well...I found a lot of the French people to be pretty cold and unfriendly. I feel a difference being back in Spain.they seem to me more open to others.
NPR: There are 4 more guys here from Italy...and they are cool i guess...but i miss my other Italian roommates....seguro
Ok chao

Monday, August 10, 2009

Aix-En Provence

Here in Aix-En Provence!I am staying in a hotel in a tiny little room who's door opens up into the lobby and whos' toilet is in the same room as the bed. Its perfect.
Once I was settled last night I went out to get something to eat and explored a bit. This is such a beautiful place! The weather is not too hot and at night it cools down to a very comfortable temp. It is different, and wierd being in a place where I cannot communicate very well at all. For the most part people speak ok English and I am able to communicate with them using flying hands and basic words. Last night I was able to practice the little French that I do know with a friend that I met. There are many similarities between Spanish and French and after speaking with him for a while, French was already becoming a bit familiar to me and I was able to speak at a basic level...very basic. I really like the French language...I like the sound of the words and how they all clink together with a certain elegant cadence. I would like to learn at some point.
Right now I am sitting in a little cafe with french techno music having a cafe. This is a precious place and I love getting to know the French way here in Aix-En Provence.
For now, Au Revoir!
PS- Mazel Tov Em Katz on getting a job in Bostonia...and an apt! Can't wait to be in Boston with you!