Friday, March 16, 2012

Hohensalsburg Castle, Salzburg Austria

Salzburg the land of Salt, was such a wonderful trip! It took us a while to get there, but the long voyage was well worth it. We left after work on Friday and hopped on a train which took us to through various Swiss towns until we arrived in Austria. We arrived at our hostel at 4am and a sleepy eyed but friendly receptionist greeted us and gave us towels and keys. Patrick was his name and he would later join us in in our Salzburg adventures and show us some authentic Austrian cuisine.

Our Saturday was a shmorgisboard of activities including walking around the old part of the city, up to a gorgeous Fortress called the Hohensalzburg Castle, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. It was so beautiful and we were able to see the sunset from one of the terraces. Accross from us the Austrian Alps, which were perfect and untouched rose in the distance.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is cominngg

Spring is definitely peeking its way into the mountains in Switzerland. When I woke up today and opened my window, The sun was shining so bright and the winter chill that ive felt for months was gone. Brief update: Bianca, Kat, Rachel and I went to Salzburg in Austria last weekend. OBSESSED. So gorgeous, and charming. More on that later. Work is continuing on, and I am working on a website design for an organization in Switzerland called ApHS which helps people cope with what the Swiss call, Burnout; depression stemming from the workplace. Ive been enjoying designing for the web and like the change from print- i like the challenge of creating more of a dynamic and interactive environment rather than something final and exact like some of my print projects.
I hope everyone can smell spring already! I sure can