Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr. Mayor, The beginnings of The Legend of The Moon Goddess

Im currently illustrating a story that I wrote when I was 9. I found it at my parent's house and read through amazing it was to read something I wrote so long ago- how I worded things, see my hilarious punctuation, understand where the plot came from and how the story ended--all things that show what parts of me have stuck around and what has changed. This is Mr. Mayor--he is one of the main characters in my story, "The Legend of the Moon Goddess"....which will be out in stores next month.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I am so excited to be sharing this

This Father's Day, I had an unexpectedly meaningful day. I was feeling particularly emotional and blessed about my relationship-not only with my dad, but my whole family. I decided to bike to one of my favorite cafe's--hi-rise bakery and have a me-day. I brought my journal, my work clothes for my night shift at Charlie's, and a copy of a letter that my grandfather had written to our family on his 82nd Birthday. My Grandpa Uds passed away 4 years ago on his 87th birthday. I loved him dearly. Anyway, i guess it was kind of a bad idea to bring his letter with me and read it in a quiet, peaceful cafe because I started to cry in my stool and had to wrap the rest of my sandwich up and leave. I decided to take a walk around the block...the sun was so warm and I could hear kids from the playground laughing nearby. As I continued to read the letter, I suddenly found myself understanding my grandfather in a way that I never had before. His ability to love unconditionally was amazing. He was a quiet man, but his heart was wild with caring, thoughtfulness and love- for his wife, his children and grandchildren. Maybe its through travel, or simply the more people I meet, but the years of experiences I've had since my grandfather died have brought me a more adult understanding of my life and of life in general. As time goes on, the luckier and more blessed I feel to have the family that I do and to have been raised with an abundance love that I now possess. Here are some of the words that my grandfather wrote to us in his letter: About my brother: "I am so proud of him, my chest has expanded with joy for him and I have popped the buttons of my shirt. He is not surprise to us, we always knew he would be a source of happiness for the whole family. Keep on learning and growing in knowledge." About my mother: "To our daughter Deborah, who has brought grace and beauty to our family. Thank you for entering our lives and bringing understanding and love to our son." "To our Dear son jerry, who I love with admiration and tenderness. Who has been a son and given of himself and shown his love for family and parents. May you be granted all of the good things of life. And now thank you all for being here and helping me celebrate this ocasion of my birthday, and listening to the babbling of this old man. I love you all." I had the unique pleasure of tending bar at Charlies on Father's Day. When I arrived at my shift, I found myself still caught in this cloud of thought about fathers and father's day. I decided to ask my customers to write little stories, memories..anything they wanted-about their own fathers. And so now I have a collection of absolutely wonderful and hilarious moments from people about their fathers. Ive chosen some of my favorites and illustrated them. I hope you enjoy reading these and I ask you to take a moment-no matter your situation- and reflect on your father. What does a father mean to you? In what ways have you learned, laughted, cried, loved, and grown-becuase of your father. I hope you all can think of at least one. Even if you think its silly.
"My dad love to ski. Every time I go skiing with him, he always gets long snots dripping out of his nose. It seems he has no idea. How does he not feel the snot. Wipe your nose dad, Dad."
"My Brother and I were 14 and 11 years old and being jerks while chasing each other around the yard. My dad was sweeping and in his concern that we might run into him, he said, "Real smart to run around me while I have something long and hard in my hand." We both cracked up immediately and he just laughed and said, "God Dammit." "My senior year of high school, my dad allowed me to host our after-prom party at his house. He took a little power nap at midnight and woke up at 3am and cooked french toast for the entire party. He loved every minute of it. I love my dad. " "My dad is 61, Overweight, but a good cook Funny, Sometimes. Working class Remarried, but happy. A bus driver. Today he decided. to ride a bike after years of not doing anything. Physical. He said his ass hurts. Happy Father's Day Dad." "When I was about 5 years old I was riding in the car with my father. I was in my car seat when my father started yelling at me about talking too much. After not being able to bring myself to being quiet, my dad stopped the car. He swings my door open with his hand raised to hit me. He asks me if I'm going to be quiet, I respond with "Nope," along with a huge smile. Between my innocence and honesty, my father starts laughing and lowers his hand. Instead of punishing me, he takes me to Chuck-e-cheese and shows me a great time along with embarrassing me for being me."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

On this, Father's Day...I wish a very very happy one to all of the fathers in the world, but especially to MINE. Ive been dying to dust off and use these old photos that I found at my parent's house...(and theres more where these came from :) My dad has been an amazing father and raised me with an abundance of love, support and strength. Happy Father's Day!! Now grow your beard back.