Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just met the most precious little girl. Her name is Brooklyn and she is 1 month old. I am at Starbucks in Central square, grabbing a small coffee. I was headed to the cream counter to lighten my drink...when a bright beam of light shone through the window. It was as if my heart was pulled in that direction and I looked through the light to see this little head peep out from a huge crib-like stroller . Pink blankets were piled high and a tiny head shifted around. so so tiny. But her eyes were those of someone much older. Faded and glassy blue. Her head was the size of my coffee cup. She looked solemnly and but peacefully down at her haven of pink blankets. No smile. Just completely concentrated. Her blinks were slow and they corresponded to the slow groove of her passifier that moved in and out. "Her name is Brooklyn" her father said to me. I bent down, trying to catch her eyes with mine. But she kept looking down at her father's hand which touched the blankets around her. "Welcome" I said.