Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moving right along

Hello! Its a shame that time escapes me in my busy has been quite a wee bit of time since I've been able to sit down blog and share my stories. But alas, exciting things are happening and I intend to keep you abreast of this exciting time as I navigate my winding way through the start of my career and the onset of an exciting musical journey with my well as any other activities and adventures that arise. Most recently, was our show last night at the Plough & Stars. Felt great to perform back at our home base...where we first began performing about a year ago. And last night was our first Saturday show! Great turnout and the set went super! Our friends, JJ and Kevin from Bangarang Productions in Newton, filmed the show and I hope to get something online soon. Billy Dodge opened for us and I was able to accompany him on some of his songs as well. Tomorrow night we will play at Charlie's Kitchen, a brand new venue for us. Pictures and posts to come!

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