Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm Back!


Well its been a while for sure, and I am sorry for that. No excuses I will make...I will only remedy by looking forward and not back. I will start where I am now instead of try and re-trace everything I missed:)

I am now in my 6th month at my new job as Graphic Designer at The Trustees of Reservations in Sharon, MA. The Trustees is a non-profit land conservation organization and they own more than 100 properties throughout Massachusetts. Basically, the organization works to preserve and protect the land for the public's enjoyment. I am a designer on the marketing team, and my work consists of all sorts of marketing and design pieces- from brochures and invitations for events, signage, newsletters, you name it. It surely is a smorgasbord of projects...and I like that. Things are going very well. It was definitely a transition and in many ways, I will always be transitioning, as we always are-if life changes around us...which it should...and does. Every day I have to take a step back and acknowledge all of the new things I am learning at The Trustees, and I'd like to write about them in my blog so I can share this important process of student-turned-professional.

To me most fascinating bits of knowledge have been about learning to be a professional designer- developing and practicing my own process, talking with people, and how to work alongside a team of professionals. For me, working with a team may be the most challenging, yet fulfilling transition of all. The jump from school to first job is where you start to see all the holes and gaps of things you don't know...and need to. In school, we are on our own. We are independently successful learners and gainers. We get what we put in. And besides the occasional group project..most of the time its only you (and your professor)- that dictates the creative direction of your work, the mission..everything down to the colors and font etc. In school, we are our own creative directors. But when you join an organization and team that is all working towards the same goals and mission, you must learn to be merely a part of the equation...a puzzle piece that must fit in with all the copywriters, senior designer and marketing professionals, not to mention the non-creative side- the administrative pieces that call the shots. It is this change that has been the most fascinating to me in my months at my new job, and it is this change from which I gain the most satisfaction and pride in my work. Designing something for a big organization must "work" for all those different parts..not just for me. And so when I finish a piece that has been approved by all these parts, I truly feel that I have done my job well- that my part of the puzzle fits..and that it actually helps create a big picture:)

Besides the work, I also work with a kickass team, who have been so supportive, and who are so talented at what they do. I am exited and honored to be a part of this team and I am excited to grow here. Other office is on one of our properties, Moose Hill Farm, which has its own CSA(community supported agriculture) program, chickens that lay delicious eggs, beautiful trails and acres of land to explore.

Up next- I'll post about my excursion with a co worker to one of our Western Mass properties, Field Farm in North Adams. Stay tuned for more summer posts coming soon!


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