Monday, May 19, 2014


We arrived in Chicago yesterday and the sun greeted us with open arms. It's been 70 and beautiful as we traipse around this city. Our friend Julia walked us through the Wicker Park neighborhood, where the streets were buzzing with youngsters in beer gardens and buskers with their guitars trying to sing over the rumble of the L train. We stopped in the middle of the sidewalk -"look around and tell me where the speakeasy is that we're going" said Julia. Annie and I glanced around at busy streets and storefronts and took a couple of wrong guesses then, Julia proceeded to walk us directly into a graffiti mural on the side of a brick building, a door opened and suddenly we were in a dark chamber, pulling curtains out of our way. It was a hidden little gem of a place..Violet. We had the most delicious cocktails then headed back out to an outdoor Mexican beer garden to eat. Later on, Annie  and I hopped into Gallery Cabaret to see if I could play a tune at open mic night. Alas, the list was full. But we were able to catch the tail end of some interesting performers : )

Today Annie had an interview downtown so I took myself on a date-and rented a bike to wander the city. I ended up down by the navy yard and explored the waterfront. Lots of construction in those parts. Beautiful day for a ride. The day ended with a delicious dinner at Tango Sur, an Argentinian Steakhouse that blew my mind.

Chicago, it's been fab. Can't wait to visit again. Tomorrow, Annie and I wake up at the crack if dawn and hit the road by 5am. Breakfast in Maddison WI.
 Goodnight Chicago!

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